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Wizard Lift

Providing Innovative and Creative Designs for Today's Material Handling Needs

Wizard Lift, LLC

Wizard offers you over 35 years of experience in Application Sales, Construction Planning, Equipment Design, Manufacturing and Installations. Our manufacturing facility and offices are located in Illinois. We can provide a broad range of VRC equipment to best suit the application, such as cost effective Freight and Side Walk Elevator replacements.

Wizard Advantages

  • Individually designed to suit your exact application and/or specifications.
  • Individually factory assembled and tested prior to shipment, including all accessories and safety enclosures.
  • All our fabrication welders are American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 certified.
  • All designed to be free-standing for ease of installation and set-up.
  • All designed to eliminate costly on-site welding of structure and supports.
  • 100% in house designed, manufactured and warranted with no outside major component supplier.
  • We can offer you a full turnkey installation or at your site, factory hands-on supervision.
  • With all these advantages, Wizard still maintains a competitive pricing structure.

Wizard Shop Drawings

When an order is placed, Wizard will prepare detailed approval (shop) drawings. With our installation and permit experience we understand that the industries standard and generally not to scale three view (stick) drawings of only the equipment can lead to many problems down the road. Wizard will not only depict the VRC as specified, but the whole application. Given enough architectural and building information Wizard's full "D" size drawings are ready for the architect or professional engineer's seal that is required for most building department filing procedures.

Wizard Code Compliance Guarantee

If after the equipment (as specified and supplied) has been properly installed, including filing and procurement of all permits that might be required to install and operate the VRC. All associated construction is in compliance with applicable federal, state and local codes. The equipment (by code) can not be used for the intent it was purchased. Then Wizard Lift will remove the VRC and all dollar amounts received (limited only to the equipment provided, delivery or freight costs and installation) will be returned.